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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Favourite DOTA Strategy - Dirge Undying

Raise Dead

Dirge - Undying

Range: 100 | Move Speed: 310
Primary: INT
Str: 25 + 2.1 | Agi: 10 + 0.8 | Int: 27 + 2.8
Damage: 59 - 67 | HP: 625 | Mana: 351
HP Regen: | Mana Regen:
Attack Speed: | Armor: 2

Raise Dead (D)
Calls the Undying's fellow zombies out of the earth to fight. Once a zombie attacks six times, another one will rise alongside it. When a zombie dies, its reanimating life force returns to Dirge, healing him by 50 hp. Lasts 30 seconds.
Level 1 - 1 Zombie
Level 2 - 2 Zombies
Level 3 - 3 Zombies
Level 4 - 4 Zombies
Mana Cost: 100/120/140/160
Cooldown: 30
Comment: This skill is multi-purpose, with this you can farm (really well), attack in combination with Soul Rip, and harass your enemy, also lets you stay in the lane for a very long time.
Soul Rip Soul Rip (R)
Redirects the flow of living energy through a target friend or foe, damaging them or healing them depending on how many unites are near it.
Level 1 - 5 max
Level 2 - 10 max
Level 3 - 15 max
Level 4 - 20 max
Mana Cost: 50/75/100/125
Cooldown: 30
Comment: Two ways to use this skill, first to attack an enemy when there are lots of creeps near him and second to heal an ally or yourself.
Heartstopper Aura Heartstopper Aura (T)
The Dirge's deathly air stills the hearts of his opponents, causing them to lose 1% of their max health over time.
Level 1 - 250 AoE
Level 2 - 500 AoE
Level 3 - 750 AoE
Level 4 - 1000 AoE
Mana Cost:
Comment: With this skill heroes will stay away from you, I max this out so soon to harass them without any effort and make them go back to fountain eventually.
Plague Plague (E)
Infects the target with a plague. Reduces movement speed by 30% and amplifies incoming damage. Infects other units that come within range of a plagued unit.
Level 1 - 25% Extra Damage
Level 2 - 30% Extra Damage
Level 3 - 35% Extra Damage
Mana Cost: 100/125/150
Cooldown: 45
Comment: Great for ganking heroes, the slow and the extra damage will destroy your enemies, the low cooldown makes it even better.

Skill Build:

1. Raise Dead
2. Heartstopper Aura
3. Heartstopper Aura
4. Raise Dead
5. Heartstopper Aura
6. Plague
7. Heartstopper Aura
8. Soul Rip
9. Raise Dead
10. Raise Dead
11. Plague
12. Soul Rip
13. Soul Rip
14. Soul Rip
15. Stats
16. Plague
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats

Item Build:

1.View Details for Sobi Mask
Sobi Mask
+50% Mana Regeneration.
More mana regen.
2.View Details for Ring of Basilius
Ring of Basilius
+6 Damage
Passive: Brilliance Aura
900 Radius +0.65 mana/ second to friendly units
Passive: Devotion Aura
900 Radius +3 Armor
Does not stack with Crystal Maiden's Brilliance Aura, but stack with Sven's Devotion Aura. Active: Toggle Devotion Aura
Turns the passive: Devotional Aura on and off as desired.
Ring of Protection + Sobi Mask
With this and Sobi Mask you have enough mana regen for the entire game.
3.View Details for Radiance
+8% Chance to Evade
+70 Damage
Passive: Immolation
400 Radius
35 Damage/sec Immolation
Sacred Relic + Radiance Recipe Scroll
I’m not crazy, you can farm this in about 20 minutes and it will make you deadly, great damage and stacks with your aura.
4.View Details for Boots of Travel
Boots of Travel
+90 Run Speed
Active: Teleport
60 Second Cooldown 3 Second Cast Time
Boots of Speed + Boots of Travel Recipe Scroll
Lets you teleport across the map and helps in chases.
5.View Details for Eye of Skadi
Eye of Skadi
+200 Hit Points, +150 Mana
+25 to All Attributes
Passive: Frost Attack
-20% Attack Speed
-30% Run Speed
2 Second Duration for ranged heroes, 3 seconds for melee heroes
Melee Eye of Skadi is an orb effect, and does not stack with orb effects; Ranged Eye of Skadi is NOT an orb effect, and stacks with some orb effects.
Ultimate Orb + Ultimate Orb + Point Booster + Eye of Skadi Recipe Scroll
Plague + Radiance + bot + Skadi you will chase and kill a lot. Also gives more HP and mana.
6.View Details for Hyperstone
55% increased attack speed
Very hard to come this far, but this makes you attack at a decent speed, fell free to upgrade do Assault Cuirass.

Early Game:

Welcome to my Dirge guide, this is my first guide in dota strategy (has someone heard this already?) so go easy on me.

Dirge is a hero that doesn't appear to have any chance in battle, in the games I play my enemies always underestimate me and end up dying, I will try to show you how to use Dirge to his maximum potential.

Skill Build:

All Dirge skills have great synergy with the others, Raise Dead helps you stay in the lane a long time and improves the use of Soul Rip, Heartstopper Aura makes your enemy suffer while you are healed from your zombies and keep a distance from the enemy, and Plague increases your damage, damage of your zombies and the Soul Rip damage as well as your allies damage, does it sound good enough for you? The skill build focuses on farming and harassing your enemy, for this reason I focus on Heartstopper Aura first, only two levels of Raise Dead is enough in the early game, otherwise you will push the first tower too soon and you won't farm enough, as well as increasing the chance of ganks against you, plague is always good for ganking and trying to get a kill, and Soul Rip helps in finishing heroes.

Item Build:

Early game the build focuses on making sure your enemies don't get too close to you and staying in the lane, as I will teach you in about 20 minutes you can farm radiance and start farming even more, you will also gain the ability to chase enemies, with boots of travel you can stop any creep wave with Raise dead and Radiance as well as help in ganks, with Skadi you will have lots of intelligence and strength and a second slow to combine with plague, with this more ganks. Note that after these items and your high level you will have a lot of damage, be able to tank, and with Dirge's great intelligence gain, you can fight well, so the only thing you do not have is attack speed, with Hyperstone you solve this issue, and you're ready to fight.

Early Game:

Early game your priority is to farm as much as you can and harass your enemy without any effort as I will demonstrate, first thing to do is buy a Sobi mask, if you have more gold buy another, that’s enough mana regeneration for the entire game unless you spam spells all the time. Ideally you should solo for more farming, but your team probably won’t let you do it because Dirge is a "weak hero", the best lanes for you are bot for the Sentinel and top for the Scourge because your enemies will use their tower less to defend letting you farm more, the mid lane is good for harassing with Heartstopper Aura but you will lack in farming. With a lane partner you can heal with Soul Rip and get some kills with plague, consider this, 20-30% extra damage, as if magic attacks didn’t have any reduction, the dream of all nukers comes true, so if you lane with someone, lane with a nuker.

Lane Situations:

VS 1 Melee

The perfect situation, unless your enemy is carrying a lot of healing items he will die or go back to the fountain, the first thing to do is try to always keep him in Heartstopper Aura's range so he will suffer loss of HP, consider that it’s 1% per second, if you stay in the lane 5 minutes it will be 300 seconds that can kill 3 times, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Centaur or a Sniper the pain will be the same. Remember to use your Zombies so the enemy will not try to go after you because you have bodyguards.

Vs 2 Melee

You should proceed the same way as above but be more careful, try to have the two enemies in your aura, don’t be too aggressive if they have some nukes like storm bolt.

Vs 1 Ranged

Here you need to wait for higher levels of Heartstopper Aura before you start harassing your enemy, your farming still works, but be aware of heavy nukers and use Raise Dead to heal yourself, if you are under heavy bombardment use your zombies to harass him.

Vs 2 Ranged

You’re in trouble here, if no one wants a lane change, or no one comes to help you, stay behind your creeps and only farm, use the aura only at level 3 or 4 with caution.

Vs 1 Ranged and 1 Melee

A mix of strategies, harass the melee and be aware of the ranged hero, be defensive because of the nukes and farm.

Now you may be asking "wtf" how will I farm in all these situations and be able to afford Radiance??? So here we go:


Farming with Dirge is easy and can be done in most situations, first use Raise Dead and summon a zombie and order him to attack a creep if he doesn’t go automatically, done!

What????? Yes, your zombies will attack all the creeps they see and will kill them most of the time, also they will multiply themselves giving even more last hits for you and more gold, the most important thing is DO NOT ATTACK THE CREEPS so that your zombies can multiply and give you even more gold and heal you, here is a sequence of farming a wave of creeps:

Farming with Dirge 1

Here I see a wave coming so I decided to summon my Zombies.

Farming with Dirge 2

Hey they kill the two creeps while I was far from them; no magic trick is used here.

Farming with Dirge 3

Hey they kill the third creep, am I with luck? NO, this happens most of the times.

As you can see farming is really easy, when you have Raise Dead lv 4 you can kill neutrals, stronger neutrals (dragons, golems) and get even more gold.


As I mentioned in lane situations you can farm without any effort, all you have to do is keep the enemy in Heartstopper Aura and everything should be fine, keep an eye on the foot of enemy hero and see if they are affected by the aura.

Harassing with Dirge 1

Here I was harassing Leviathan, look at his HP is half and I’m not very close to him.

Harassing With Dirge 2

His HP became really low and he is trying to face the creeps.

Harassing with Dirge 3

The big Guy goes to the bag and I didn’t even move a finger.


Dirge isn’t able to kill lots of heroes, his function is to help the team to get lots of kills with Plague and Radiance, also he can push really well using Raise dead, but getting kills is possible, just harass your enemy with Heartstopper Aura, when his HP is low Raise Dead and Plague, then start to attack and get the kill.

killing with Dirge 1

Here Tiny is with low HP because I was harassing him, so I decided to try for a kill and plagued him.

killng with Dirge 2

Hey don’t run, I’m not even alive.

Killing with Dirge 3

The poor Giant died due to my aura.


DO NOT PUSH! Simple isn’t it?

When the first tower of your lane goes down the early game is over, you should have something like this in your inventory:
Ring of Basilius Sobi Mask
Sacred Relic

Or maybe even radiance or 3000 gold, if not, farm fast!

Mid Game:

Now your team will start to love you, try to always be in the ganks to plague the other heroes, at this time you should have at least sacred relic or radiance, if you have radiance the enemies will die without you even touching them.

Remember to continue farming, now the best option is the lv 6 neutral creep, always keep an eye on the map to go where they are, when not ganking, farm or counter push, you can push as well but be careful, the enemies will now try to kill you because they have realized that you are a stone in their path, so try to stay with your allies when in dangerous positions on the map.

Here you will farm boots of travel, with this you can help your team in most of the cases and easily chase the enemies that are plagued.


Go for neutrals, the counter push is a good option too, the way to do it still works as told in early game, but now you should attack if the creeps are too many or too strong.


Try to gank, if someone in your team has a slow it will be great to combine with Plague, remember to ONLY ATTACK AN ENEMY HERO AFTER USING PLAGUE, and better yet, with an ally, otherwise he will fight you and probably win.

Gank 1

Here the poor Leviathan is running from a bad push, I already plagued him and my ally is with me.

Gank 2

Easy kill with an ally near me.


You can now start pushing, use Raise Dead and order the zombies to attack the enemy creeps so they will multiply and can push the tower faster, remember to not attack the creeps and ask your allies to do the same, when you have enough zombies push the tower, you will probably earn the gold from the tower kill.

At the end of the mid game you should have these items:
Sobi Mask Ring of Basilius
Radiance Boots of Travel

Late Game:

In late game you should farm less and push more, if you helped your team well, at this stage the enemies don’t have a chance. Your function here is to push and counter push, with travel you can take the responsibility of defending the base, in most of the games you won’t be completing Skadi because you team will have won before that.

Your final inventory should be something like this:
Ring of Basilius Sobi Mask
Radiance Boots of Travel
Ultimate Orb Point Booster
If the battle extends a lot:
Ring of Basilius Sobi Mask
Radiance Boots of Travel
Eye of Skadi Assault Cuirass
Itens to consider:


With this and plague you can do 400 damage and some more if plague is at lv 3, the problem is that it’s not cheap and it doesn’t give a lot of stats.

Vladmir`s Offering

Zombies with more armor and life steal have a better chance to multiply, also helps your team, think of it if you wish a more defensive play.


More HP and mana regen, with this you can stay longer in the lane.

Guinsoo`s Scythe of Vyse

Damage and a good disable, if no one in the team gets it, it’s a good alternative.

Assault Cuirass

Upgrade from Hyper Stone if you have time.


With this you have even more ways to heal, also helps your team.


Good for pushing, the bonuses are also great.

Good alies:

Aiushtha - The EnchantressKel`Thuzad - The LichLesale Deathbringer - The VenomancerAkasha - The Queen of PainViper - The NetherdrakeN`aix - The LifestealerMeepo - Geomancer

Heroes with a Slow help a lot as well as stunners.

Mercurial - The SpectreBarathrum - The SpiritbreakerBalanar - The Night StalkerBone Clinkz - The Bone FletcherGondar - The Bounty HunterRikimaru - The Stealth AssassinStrygwyr - The Bloodseeker

Guys that can chase well are good allies too.

Lina Inverse - The SlayerAggron Stonebreaker - The Ogre MagiLuna Moonfang - The Moon RiderZeus - Lord of OlympiaLeshrac - The Tormented SoulLion - The Demon Witch

Nukers + Plague deals the true damage of the spells.

Rylai Crestfall - The Crystal MaidenSlithice - The Naga SirenRaigor Stonehoof - The EarthshakerFurion - The ProphetDark Terror - The Faceless VoidAtropos - The Bane Elemental

Everybody’s good allies also help you.


Final considerations:
Dirge isn’t a fun hero to play theoretically, but when the enemies run from the lane it gets fun, help your team as much as you can and own if possible.
Special Thanks:
  • To Goku, he saved the world lots of times.
  • The guys that created and maintain dota.
  • My family because in everything you do you must thank them even if you hate them (not my case).
  • thiagota for correcting my English errors, my English really sucks.
  • Everybody that will rate well this guide (low rates no thanks!).


RoboPat said...

First, I think the build you give here is really good for a well-rounded, supporting hero role which undying can be really good at. But when I play him, I prefer to do things a bit differently, and I like to take advantage of his huge intelligence and strength grows, good melee damage, and above-average speed. Basically, I like to make him a tank with a big mana pool, and I'll suggest two skill builds and one item build. Undying is my favorite and my specialty, but I think he can be a lot of fun and maybe you could experiment with my builds.

The first skill build I use when soloing or versus low hp heroes, particularly early game agility heroes.
1) Hearstopper 2) Soul Rip 3) Raise Dead 4) Soul Rip 5) Raise Dead 6) Plague 7) Soul Rip 8)Raise Dead 9) Heartstopper 10) Soul Rip 11) Plague 12) Raise Dead 13) Heartstopper 14) Stats 15) Stats 16) PLague 17) Heart Stopper

I like building soul rip early because its a great heal if you're soloing and has low mana cost at early levels. Its also a great heal if you're with a low hp hero so you can tank for them and keep them alive. Also, if you have an ally stunner or slower such as vengeful spirit or venomancer, a double nuke can wipe out a low-hp int or agility hero easily. Also, I like building the aura first in case you lane against a melee hero so you can harass them passively.

If you're against a strength hero or a high hp hero, and are usually not soloing, I prefer this skill build :
1) Heartstopper 2) Raise Dead 3) Raise Dead 4) Soul Rip 5) Raise Dead 6) Plague 7) Soul Rip 8) Raise Dead 9) Heartstopper 10) Soul Rip 11) Plague 12) Soul Rip 13) Heartstopper 14) Stats 15) Stats 16) Plague 17) Heartstopper

Why I like this build is because it lets you push early and, if you and a teammate are against a melee solo hero, or low hp solo hero, you can easily break the first tower within 5 or 6 minutes. Also, if you're not soloing you can jungle more with more zombies and they give you the benefit of better healing in case you're a bit underlevled.

My item build is also a little different then yours. Im not really a fan of radiance, mostly because I dont like its 3800 cost: I think building several relatively good items are better earlier than one top class item, but thats my opinion.

1) I always start off with Arcane Ring and two clarity potions. Because soul rip and zombies heal, you don't really need to worry about tangos. If you're being pushed hard, just camp out at the tower and level up soul rip so they can't kill you. Undying's major problem is a small mana pool in the beginning, so the clarity potion and arcane ring help a lot. Also the armor bonus is nice.
2) I always build Vlads from the arcane ring as soon as possible. Vlads isn't an orb effect and undying is a low-armor, melee hero so vlads is really useful. Also, the damage increase to friendly units really makes the zombies a threat. I always get Vlads and boots of speed at the same time, usually within the first ten minutes of the game. Also, its easy to build if you're soloing, because the shop in the woods has the Mask of Death you need.
3) Undying is pretty fast, so I like to enhance this and make him a super-mobile pusher with Boots of Travel, which stack really well with his aura. I try to build Boots of Travel with an Oblivion staff.
4) After I get boots of travel, I always build an orchid. Soul Burn and Plague stack and neither are orb effects. The damage and intelligence increase makes Undying a pretty good attacker, and the huge mana regen basically solves the problem of Undying's lower mana pool. Soul Burn + Plague + Hearstopper Aura + fast movement speed with boots of travel really hurts heroes since Undying's ult is based on percentages and never loses power throughout the game.
5) From here I try to make Undying the best tank I can and like to build a shiva. Undying has low armor, so it boosts his aura, plus the auras are nice and the intelligence gain gives more mana and attack. Also, shiva's frost attack + Soul Burn + Plague + Heartstopper's aura + Soul Rip = kills.
6) At this point, I either like to increase undying's power as a tank with heart of torrasque or if your team needs healers, make mechanism. Mechanism is great for keeping zombies alive, so the hp regeneration helps Dirge but also keeps the zombies alive so they can multiply. 10 zombies, vlads, mechanism, shiva's armor, and soul rip makes undying, well, undying.
7) If you go into a really late game, I'd make a Satanic or Battlefury or Guinsoo (if you need more disabling) or, if the game gets really nasty with lots of back dooring/counter back dooring, lothars is a fun weapon, and is really unexpected. Popping behind enemy lines or ganking or hitting a base and then spawning zombies can make a huge difference when breaking a base or a lane.
8)I also don't see a lot of people take advantage of Dirge's huge strength and damage to make a tank against Roshan. With Vlads and 4 zombies, Dirge can take down Roshan in a minute at around level 11, so if you or your team needs extra cash or need an extra edge, Dirge is great at killing Roshan. Also, Dirge with Aegis is devastating during a push since he can just suicide through a lane, using zombies and soul rip to keep him alive long enough to crush some towers or important buildings. If you have shiva, vlads, orchid, boots of travel and mechanism you're pretty much unkillable with zombies and soul rip and can really frustrate your enemies if you suicide against their base with aegis since they don't make any money from killing you :).

Anyway, these are my thoughts on how to play Dirge, and if you're quick, you can really catch an enemy team off-guard. With this build and a little luck Ive been able to break two entire lanes in 25 minutes! Let me know what you think of it.

Fullest Xcythum said...

Hey nice guide, .. but i still don't understand why he is a "weak hero", because i saw a lot of undying users and they rarely return to the fountain,i loved the part about killing heroes without even moving a finger lol.., priceless.

Fullest Xcythum said...


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