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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Favourite DOTA Strategy - Necrolyte


Rotund`jere - The Necrolyte

Range: 600 | Move Speed: 300
Primary: INT
Str: 16 + 2 | Agi: 15 + 1.7 | Int: 22 + 2.5
Damage: 44 – 48 | HP: 454 | Mana: 286
HP Regen: 0.73 | Mana Regen: 0.89
Attack Speed: 1.44 | Armor: 0
Death Pulse Death Pulse (D)
The Necrolyte releases a wave of death from the core of his being, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies.
Level 1 - 75 damage/50 heal.
Level 2 - 125 damage/75 heal.
Level 3 - 200 damage/100 heal.
Level 4 - 275 damage/130 heal.
Mana Cost: 125/ 145/ 165/ 185
Cooldown: 5
Comment: Your main skill. This skill is backed up by Sadist, which will basically regenerate your mana for you so you can spam this. This is how you farm, push, kill, and save your teammates. The range is sort of small though - 450.
Sadist Sadist (I)
Reveling in death and pain, the Necrolyte gains mana back for killing units.
Level 1 - 12 mana per unit.
Level 2 - 24 mana per unit.
Level 3 - 36 mana per unit.
Level 4 - 48 mana per unit.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: This prevents lots of trips back to the fountain. Keep death pulsing when you're low on health, and kill the creeps. Not only will your mana stay around the same, but your health will increase.
Diffusion Aura Diffusion Aura ()
A 300 range aura that makes the willpower and might of an enemy leak out in the presence of the Rotund'jere.
Level 1 - 9% reduction.
Level 2 - 18% reduction.
Level 3 - 27% reduction.
Level 4 - 36% reduction.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: Without this, Necrolyte would be dominated after Early Game.
Reaper`s Scythe Reaper`s Scythe (R)
Brings a target to full realization of its own mortality, dealing damage based on how much life the target is missing. Stuns for 1.5 seconds.
Level 1 - .4 damage per life missing.
Level 2 - .6 damage per life missing.
Level 3 - .9 damage per life missing.
Level 4 - (with Scepter) - 1.1 damage per life missing.
Mana Cost: 200/ 340/ 500/ 500
Cooldown: 80
Comment: The craziest ult in the world. You can basically make every hero run away from you because of this. Of course, you have to take into account armor reduction.

Skill Build:

1. Death Pulse
2. Sadist
3. Death Pulse
4. Sadist
5. Death Pulse
6. Reaper`s Scythe
7. Sadist
8. Death Pulse
9. Sadist
10. Diffusion Aura
11. Reaper`s Scythe
12. Diffusion Aura
13. Diffusion Aura
14. Diffusion Aura
15. Stats
16. Reaper`s Scythe
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats

Item Build:

1.View Details for Boots of Travel
Boots of Travel
+90 Run Speed
Active: Teleport
60 Second Cooldown 3 Second Cast Time
Boots of Speed + Boots of Travel Recipe Scroll
2.View Details for Null Talisman
Null Talisman
+3 to All Attributes
+3 Intelligence
Mantle of Intelligence + Circlet of Nobility + Null Talisman Recipe Scroll
For early game mana.
3.View Details for Null Talisman
Null Talisman
+3 to All Attributes
+3 Intelligence
Mantle of Intelligence + Circlet of Nobility + Null Talisman Recipe Scroll
For early game mana.
4.View Details for Radiance
+8% Chance to Evade
+70 Damage
Passive: Immolation
400 Radius
35 Damage/sec Immolation
Sacred Relic + Radiance Recipe Scroll
The ultimate farming item. Combined with Death Pulse, you'll basically get all the creeps.
5.View Details for Vanguard
+4 HP regen/second
+250 Hit Points
65% to block 35 damage
Ring of Health + Vitality Booster + Stout Shield
Add this with Diffusion Aura, and you're basically a tank. Awesome for getting money; just tank creep waves and Death pulse.
6.View Details for Orchid Malevolence
Orchid Malevolence
+25 Intelligence
40% increased aspd
+35 damage
+150% mana regen
Soul Burn (active)
Mystic Staff + Oblivion Staff + Orchid Malevolence
This will prevent people from disabling you, making sure that you can take advantage of all your skills. Near the end, you might need some mana items for Dagon and Ultimate.
7.View Details for Dagon
+9 Damage
+3 to All Attributes
+12 Intelligence
Activate: Energy Burst
400 Damage to Single Target 600 Range
40 Second Cooldown 245 Mana Cost
Upgrade with Dagon Recipe
+100 damage per upgrade (800 damage max.)
+20 mana cost per upgrade (325 mana max.)
Blades of Attack + Staff of Wizardry + Dagon Recipe Scroll

Early Game:

LEVELS 1 - 11


One Circlets of Nobility (For Health)

One Tango

One Clarity Potions

One Mantle of Intelligence

One Stout Shield


I'd suggest you to either solo or lane near the secret shops with someone. With Necrolyte, you'll find that you don't have to go back to fountain much, so it'd be nice to waste as little time as possible to shop.


Sentinel TOP lane

Scourge BOT lane


It'd be nice to lane with a nuker, so when you get to level 6, it's easy to unleash everything on him at once and leave him in a stupor.

However, supposing that you followed my advice to choose a lane near the secret shops, you'll find that the towers are MUCH closer to your base than where you'll be fighting, as compared to other lanes. What you want to do is BLOCK the creeps when they first spawn. To do this, walk in front of them, and occasionally press h to control how far they move. The better you are at doing this, the bigger the chance that your tower will be able to provide protection for you and make your game easier. To maintain your tower advantage, do NOT auto-attack (meaning constantly attacking), but walk around and LAST HIT the creeps.

Once you start battling, remember to LAST HIT AND DENY. With skills like Sadist, you can't afford to not get as many creep kills as possible. If your opponent is skilled, he will attempt to deny your creep kills. For this reason, you will stay very close to your creeps (almost as if you were a melee hero) and get creep kills. When you see your opponent coming to deny a creep, use DEATH PULSE, dealing damage to him while possibly getting the creep kill.

Do not be afraid to spam death pulse for creep kills. Because your base damage is not too high, and your projectiles are EXTREMELY slow, you should use it often. You'll get mana back from Sadist anyway. To get the maximum gold and mana from each creep wave you decide to death pulse, do NOT attack the melee creep all your melee creeps are attacking. Rather, attack either melee creep that are not taking any damage. That way, when the melee creep that is being attacked is at low health, you can death pulse, taking both the weak melee creep and the melee creep you were attacking as well. The range creep will take considerable damage, so take that one out too.


His ultimate deals 0.4 damage for every health the enemy is missing. This is approximately 1/4 of the enemy's health. That is INSANE! In beginning game, heroes tend to stay in their lanes for maximum levels and gold. For this reason, it'll be too easy to get a kill at level 6. Just ask your lane partner to let loose everything he has, and ult. You're bound to get the kill.

At this rate, I expect you to be able to farm up one boots of speed and Sacred Relic.

Mid Game:

LEVELS 11-16

This is where you shine.


Finish 2 null talismans.

Finish Radiance.

Finish Vanguard.

Farm for Boots of Travel.


No I'm not. Right after you get the radiance, you'll realize that you can farm insanely quick. By pushing alone (without creeps), you'll realize you can start to tank them because of Diffusion Aura, and if you happen to take too much damage, just use Death Pulse. Since you will basically kill every creep, you'll get 48 x 4 = 192 mana back, which is more than enough to spam it every creep wave. By now, lots of ganking will occur anyway. You'll probably be the finishing touch of every gank, and you'll have to use your ult to get every hero that is running away.

CAUTION: DO NOT ABUSE YOUR ULT. If everyone is attacking one person, and he is being disabled one after the another, do NOT waste your mana/cooldown. Use your Death Pulse instead to try to take the kill. You'll find that your money will be piling up like crazy. You'll probably farm up Boots of Travel before level 16.


I know I didn't mention this before, but every hero has armor that'll basically reduce some of the magic damage your ult does. In the beginning, if a nuke does 300, it'll probably do 290. However, in the end, that 300 will get chopped down a lot more. Realize that although your ultimate is starting to do more damage, you shouldn't overestimate it. Continue using it for when the enemy is at 1/4 health until you reach level 16, where you can be a little more aggressive.


You basically have very low strength gain. Your max life is around 1600 (I forget), but whatever it is, it makes you very vulnerable. HoT costs too much and even for Necrolyte is very hard to farm for at this point. You get decent HP regen from Vanguard and you'll be able to tank creeps.

HINT: Don't waste your time Neutral Creeping. You get much less gold and experience if you kill a bunch of neutrals instead of tanking a creep wave. You'll probably lose more life too.

Late Game:

LEVELS 16-25

At this point your game will be very much similar to mid game. You'll focus on killing creep wave after creep wave, and there'll be no doubt that you can get:




Considering how fast you farm, Dagon 5 will come very quickly. You'll start thinking about it and have doubts, but you'll get it in a couple of minutes. Dagon 5 might be a bit too much, so you might consider Dagon 3 instead. After you farm up Orchid, don't be afraid to push too far. Just keep going, and if someone comes up to you that you're not sure you can handle (Anti-Mage), just silence him and TP out. If worst comes to worst and a whole group of heroes are hunting you down, silence the one that can disable you and run to your teammates while Death Pulsing.

DAGON will enable you to do a LOT of things, like kill enemies that are at 60% health. It'll definitely make people think twice about having 1v1s with you. Don't waste your time chasing heroes though; you have no disables or slows, so you probably won't catch up with them.


Heart of TarrasqueShiva`s GuardBuriza-do KyanonKelens Dagger of Escape

These items will increase survivability and basically transform you into a hero killer, but I chose these items mostly so you can run away. You have no skills that disable and slow, and your HP is rather low. Even if you have Diffusion Aura and Armor, you still need something extra.


Eye of SkadiRefresher OrbGuinsoo`s Scythe of VyseAghanim`s Scepter

THEE ARE WASTES OF MONEY. EoS is way too much to farm up, and what are you going to do with the slow if your damage sucks anyway? Refresher is terrible because he doesn't have enough successive mana to pull his ult off twice, and you woldn't need a mana item in the first place (guinsoos). Aghanims adds so little to your ult.


I'm just going to re-emphasize how GODLY this guy is. Your final build should be:






Shiva Armor (Optional but favorite item)



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